The RAB just released 2013 radio industry revenue information which reflected no growth over 2013 in total.  However, while spot radio was down 3%, digital revenue increased 18% over 2012.  The percentage of digital revenue is still small, only 5%.  Digital represents the greatest hope for increasing radio revenue.

We need better information on the components of digital revenue as there are many;

– website advertising (banners and pre rolls)

– streaming audio ads (desktop and mobile/ banners and pre rolls)

– other destination sites (separate URL – local community news, events, etc.)

– reselling other tools to advertisers (reputation management, SEO/SEM, social media, etc)

Some radio groups understand the need to be competitive for digital revenue and are forming digital agencies.

As the percentage of digital revenue increases we need additional data to understand what areas are gaining the most traction.

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